Glassdoor: Amex Perceived Well By Employees, Travelport Not So Much

When first posting about Glassdoor, we shared general impressions of industry companies based on a minimum of 10 inputs from employees of those firms. Now, quite a few key players show more than 60 reviews. The more then better, obviously, for considering how relevant and accurate are the results.

Among The Beat's focus areas of corporate travel technology and travel management, firms with more than 60 reviews now include Amadeus, American Express, Carlson Wagonlit, Concur, Rearden Commerce, Sabre Holdings and Travelport.

Here are the basic metrics; that is, the percentage of employees who would recommend the company to a friend:

  • 77% American Express Company, with 88% approving of CEO Ken Chenault
  • 70% Concur Technologies, with 77% approving of CEO Steve Singh
  • 70% Sabre Holdings, with 83% approving of CEO Sam Gilliland
  • 67% Amadeus IT Group, with 77% approving of CEO Luis Maroto
  • 65% Carlson Wagonlit Travel, with 87% approving of CEO Douglas Anderson
  • 24% Rearden Commerce, with 24% approving of CEO Patrick Grady
  • 22% Travelport, with 53% approving of CEO Gordon Wilson