Greg And Me ... And You

I had some fun last week in a column with a faux New Year's resolution to get One Equity Partners' Greg O'Hara to participate in an interview. His company had declined that opportunity multiple times, I noted, which was too bad since he holds seats on the boards of several of The Beat's focus companies: Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Rearden Commerce, Travel Leaders Group and Travelport. Guess what? I saw Greg two days later at the Tzellebration (Travel Leaders) holiday party. After introducing me to some colleagues and noting that the column was fun for him too, Greg said that while he could not do an an interview, he could pen a guest column. So here's how you can help.? [more]
Submit below or email me here to suggest questions we should pose to Greg. I'll consolidate them and pose them to Greg as a framework for his guest column. Remember, he's a private equity investor who has a background as a senior executive with Sabre and Worldspan. This will not be an interview, and his company will review what he submits, but Greg promised to tell it like it is and be controversial.

Here's some other feedback on the column:

"Move on to your next resolution. Leave Greg alone. Get over it. There are other interesting people and new ideas happening in travel that have the potential for a public offering. Why are you stuck on Greg? Spend your time interviewing private equity guys who are looking for ideas that have the potential to make significant changes in travel. Ask them what they're looking for from this space. I think your readers will find their new, fresh views far more interesting."? ~ Vela McClam-Mitchell of Market Designs

"You've probably blown your chances of an interview, but what the heck!" ~ Journalist

"You are one sassy boy! The silhouettes bit killed me." ~ TMC exec

"I got a kick out of the article. And the board of directors photo links were fun. I always think of you as 'edgy' … like you might be trying to 'start something.' This story confirmed it." ~ TMC exec