Save Repeat? becomes

Dave Litman and Bob Diener, expired non-competes in hand, have been toying around for a few months with a new site - the somewhat awkwardly named For those of you who have only known as a part of Expedia (or IAC), Dave and Bob were the original founders of

Last week, according to DN Journal (a website which tracks the buying and selling of domains) was sold at for $30,000.  [more]

Just as rapidly, has been re-branded

Given current softness in the hotel market (with no improvement in sight) and the huge upswing in consumer "deal searching" the timing could not be better for a major launch.

As an added twist, is pushing consumers to call their call center for even lower prices than those listed on their website. Talk about full circle from the days when websites buried their 800 numbers in an effort to drive to web.

Comically, "Get a Room" was's tag line. ( was purchased by Cendant and has now been folded into Orbitz....)
These insights are excerpted with permission from Tom Botts' Hudson Crossing blog.