JetAmerica: Ooops - We Are Not Really Going to Start Flying Next Week

JetAmerica, a charter operation we discussed earlier and noted as more folly than shrewd has announced a one month delay in starting operations. JetAmerica is billing it as "self-imposed" and leading with this great quote:  [more]

"The delay is not as unusual as it sounds," according to JetAmerica's Vice President of Operations Brian Burling. "Historically many of the world’s most successful airlines and charter services have had to delay their launches."

More telling is that they claimed to have ~6400 passengers booked over the initial one month period. Based on their expected 34 segments per week, this nets out to only about 48 passengers per flight. Based on Miami Air's (who is actually operating the flights for JetAmerica since they are not a real airline) 737-800 capacity of 172 seats, this equates to less than a 28% load factor....

Sure, right this will work. We still bet this operation never gets off the ground. Sorry Toledo etal.

These insights are excerpted with permission from Tom Botts' Hudson Crossing blog.