Kayak Opens Up Search Data To Everyone

Our friends over at are reporting that Kayak has opened up their logs to the rest of us to see how and what people are searching for and on. We can't tell how recent this development is since Kayak doesn't seem to blog anymore (last posting was back in May!) and they haven't issued a press release since May either but we don't remember seeing it before now.

Radio silent or not, the reports are pretty cool. You can do things like pull the most popular air search destinations trended out over time, check out upward and downward trends (which can get kind of silly due to small sample sizes) and more. Kayak also exposes the largest air search origins and destinations for a given city.

There is also something new called the "Kayak Travel Index" which is a blend of searched air and hotel prices to (and in) a specific city. Alas, they don't break it down to just air or hotel - which would provide some really interesting data for the marketplace and even corporate travel managers.

For hotels, kayak lists hotels by number of searches - cool stuff.

Check it all out here

or look at Boston specifically here.

These insights are excerpted with permission from Tom Botts' Hudson Crossing blog.