Save Letters: On Travel Management And Social Networking

Regarding's interview with Sapient global travel manager Michelle De Costa:

Deltek has also implemented a new social media program where travel shifted from the company intranet to a company Sharepoint blog. We are the first department to begin using Sharepoint in this manner. All content was moved regarding travel and the corporate credit card program.
We share the same benefits as De Costa described in her article.  There is so much information to share with our travelers to improve their employee satisfaction. The standard "push marketing" is a thing of the past. The new "pull marketing" is the way to go! With this is a new learning curve and change management. 

To implement our new communication platform, we have used a series of other communications and promotions to gain interest and promote change. In one example, we put on an event for vendor appreciation whereby we both verbally directed and handed out communications to employees to drive them to the blog. If they entered a new post or comment, it entered their name into a drawing for a free prize from our preferred suppliers. This proved to be very effective, driving the employee to the site and going through the motion of actually creating a post.  

~ Deltek senior global travel procurement manager Karoline Mayr