More intrigue and nuance about the whole ACTE-NBTA thing:

Brad Seitz resigns as ACTE treasurer

Details published in BTN

And here are a couple official statements as published at ... [more]

Though the board of the Association of Corporate Travel Executives rejected the idea, NBTA's board on Thursday "voted unanimously to continue pursuing a potential merger" with ACTE. "There are hundreds of companies that currently invest in both organizations," according to National Business Travel Association president Kevin Maguire. "The NBTA board wants to give those companies a chance to lower their investments while maximizing the value delivered."

"We don't see that the NBTA board's action has any impact on ACTE," said an ACTE spokesman after NBTA asserted support for a merger. The Association of Corporate Travel Executives' board on June 8 voted to remain independent, and the spokesman today said "There was never an official document from" the National Business Travel Association. Calling the merger idea a "perceived necessity," the spokesman said, "ACTE and NBTA deliver two different products and pursue two distinctly different philosophies in serving the business travel industry. Our members pay for this level of independence and support the uniqueness of our products. It would be incorrect to assume that one association could simply replace the other."