Multiple Choice On American-Travelport Feud

Travelport's plan to include American Airlines' upcoming surcharge for international bookings in fare displays is:
(A) A discriminatory practice "deliberately misleading agents and customers by hiding booking surcharge fees within base fares for American Airlines flights," wrought by Travelport, which "arbitrarily increased booking fees for flights on American Airlines booked through Galileo and Worldspan."

(B) A move by Travelport to offer a new level of transparency "so that consumers can make an informed choice about which carrier to fly," following American's "arbitrary" changes to fees, which vary by country, but "do not bear any discernible relation to what Travelport charges AA which only varies on a regional basis."

The former is American's characterization and the latter is Travelport's, outlined in separate statements released in the past day amid their ongoing feud in and out of court.