NBTA President Maguire Opines On Collegiate Travel Management

Oft-quoted National Business Travel Association president Kevin Maguire is featured today at The Daily Texan. The college publication outlines Maguire's thoughts about collegiate travel management and his plans for the sports travel program at the University of Texas, his new employer. Other tidbits included his goal to cut 20 percent from the program's $5.3 million travel budget and his annual salary: $66,000.

According to Maguire, the problem with collegiate sports travel management is that "there's no definitive way to explain how athletic programs do it. Sometimes it's the administration, sometimes it's the university's travel department, and sometimes it's whoever was closest to the phone who has nothing to do at the time. If you have that kind of structure, you really have no cost savings at all."

NBTA members elected Maguire president last July. He blogs at NBTA's At The Gate site.