No Worries Re Direct Connect

In my last blog post, I bemoaned the apparent "issue burnout" around 'Direct Connect-Ancillary Services' that I saw at The Beat Live. To me this is a critical issue because it underscores our industry's need for technology innovation and financial transparency in the distribution chain.


Apparently I need not have worried. In a series of remarkable transcripts published by The Beat last week (The Buyer's Table, Parts 1-3), four savvy travel managers made it clear not only that they see change inevitably coming in distribution, but that they will be at the table when strategic decisions are made, and they won't be stuck with the check.

These transcripts are chock full of insights from four industry stars, and should be studied by anyone wondering how this will all turn out.

Special mention to Rita Visser of Oracle, (and a possible Nobel nod for TMC Economics) for pioneering research into TMC pricing!