Nokia Offers Thoughts On Mobile And Travel

In North America the Nokia brand is not as well known as others for its smartphones. Outside the US, Nokia has ~40% market share, so they are big and they are very smart. We spoke with Bob Rogers, Senior Manager at Nokia's OVI in Berlin about the company and some of its thinking.
 [more]What is clear is that Nokia is keen on being a platform to enable others to do clever things with technology. Specifically, this means enabling users provide context to whatever they are using their devices for, like time and place. Bob describes the types of proactive information the devices will be able to offer if you start searching at lunchtime. Crucial for people in the travel industry is the ability of these devices to be able to see reviews of coffee shops and the like as they wander through a city. Given the friends and relatives are major sources of travel advice and input, mobile technology is going to be huge for the travel industry as a whole.
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