(Not So) New Rules

Attention conference organizers, corporate employees and PR/marketing pros:

• Please do not assume that you get to see articles quoting you before we publish them. We share content in that way at our pleasure, to ensure accuracy. And even if we do, we are not obliged to change a thing. Speaking to reporters comes with risk. Always has. If you don't trust us to get it right or at least correct it when we don't, then don't talk.
• Please do not invite us to conferences if you do not want speakers to be quoted.
• Please do not assume that something you say is off the record simply because you say "This is off the record." The placement of material off the record only happens by agreement between the reporter and you. You ask if it can be off the record, we acknowledge. By default, it's all on the record.
• And while I'm at it, please contact me about editorial matters related to Business Travel News in addition to The Beat and our other brands.
• Lastly, for your reference, here are our policies on embargoes and on ethics.

I'm a journalist, sometimes a jerk. I get especially moody when you think I'm in marketing. The mainstream media should not be the only bastion of real reportage. We at the Business Travel Media Group strive to make your business travel industry trade journals worth reading. Sometimes we succeed. Sometimes we fail. But we never kneel. You wouldn't want us to (except when you put your foot in your mouth, but that's on you). Rant over. [more]