Re: ACTE and NBTA possible merger

Regarding today's article in The Beat, there's been lots of talk over the years about a merger; in fact several years ago I wrote an Op-Ed to the effect that "The two associations should find ways to collaborate instead of compete." Some people took that the wrong way and thought I meant merge; which was not what I meant. [more]

Our industry has changed and certainly so has the economy. The harsh reality is that most suppliers can't write two checks a year (or more) and most buyers can't justify attending four or more conferences a year.

Each association brings a unique set of value propositions and deliverables. I've been fortunate to have been a director of each and a founder of ACTE.

It would be great if there were a way to see some mutual collaboration and cooperation in that competition is usually healthy; but when you're competition for shrinking dollars and constituents, it's time to look at the model from an ROI standpoint.

Let's hope that the best of each prevails and the current leaders understand the need to meet the requirements of the membership (direct and supplier partners) and the reality of our global economics.