Re: CWT Protest On ETS2

BTN reported that CWT "had no comment." Or was it that CWT was speechless? [more]
DATABASICS attempted to review the ETS2 solicitation at the request of a would-be prime. It was soon clear to us that GSA had cribbed most of the requirements from the Joint Strike Fighter program. Well, maybe not but it was almost funny how indiscriminately GSA assembled requirements, genuflecting to every industry buzz-word uttered in the last few years.
What emerges is a mish-mash of functionality that cannot become a usable system and a picket of "Thou shalt's" and "Thou shalt not's" to guarantee no common sense or reasonable compromise can get through without a prohibitive challenge. GSA seems to confuse breadth of vision with the thickness of its documents. It may be that the reason GAO didn't uphold CWT's protest in its entirety is that no one there could stand to read the whole thing. I know no one here could.