Re: Global Entry Program

Regarding 5Q With CBP's John Wagner...
Being a frequent traveler to/from The Netherlands and a participant in the Global Entry Program, I read this article with interest. [more]
What I find very amusing is the word “reciprocity” being used in the article, especially when referring to The Netherlands. The article states "In the case of the Netherlands, they opened their program, called Privium to U.S. applicants on the basis that they’re given Global Entry membership."
What the article fails to mention is that the cost to join the U.S. Global Entry program is $100 for five (5) years ($20 per year).  However, to join the Dutch Privium Basic program, the cost is €119 (approximately $170) for one (1) year.
I realize that reciprocity is a mutual or cooperative interchange of favors or privileges, but I wonder of those countries being considered for this program, what their “reciprocity” would be for U.S. citizens?
~ M. John Guarneri, Philips General Purchasing commodity cluster leader, travel