Re: Huntsman Relying On 'Lowest Logical' Fares For Savings

Here are some comments posted to The Beat's LinkedIn group in response to Lauren Darson's article last week in The Transnational: "Huntsman Relying On 'Lowest Logical' Fares For Savings" ... [more]
Interesting article. I wonder though if in these days of unbundled airline fees if booking outside of preferred carriers to get the lowest logical fare would still apply. Airlines are becoming very sophisticated in what they will put in a corporate contract, many of them waiving fees. I don't know if any recent studies have been conducted looking at this.
~ Chris Nicholas

I'd really like to see someone do a thorough analysis on a lowest logical airfare versus a corporate fare mandate. If done, it should lead to the relative percentage of savings required by a preferred carrier in order to "beat the market." If you don't hit that threshold, you should pass. Has anyone done this and if so, what's the ballpark percentage?
~ Steve Reynolds

You must take the lowest fare, and forget about the preferred airlines when the cost is higher. It is up to the Travel Management Contractor to retain the discount contract with the airline.
~ Phil Petrulli