Re: Think Twice Before Issuing RFP For TMC Services

This is an excellent article by Ms. Salcito. I work for a technology company that serves 350 TMCs worldwide. We are often asked to assist with responses to RFPs and many times are asked to speak directly with the issuer of the RFP. Several times the issuer has confided to us that they have no intention of changing and that they are conducting the RFP in order to strengthen their negotiating power with their existing TMC or to meet a mandatory supplier review policy. Neither of these reasons seem to be a good primary reason to issue a TMC RFP. Additionally, a lot of people's time and talents are wasted in an endeavor that will provide no measurable benefit.

For those TMCs who are considering responded to the multitude of unsolicited RFPs, I offer this advice. Do not agree to respond until you can get a two hour meeting with the appropriate decision makers so you can identify the reason for the issuance of the RFP and the measurable outcomes the issuer would like to achieve. If the corporation won't agree, chances are they already have a winner selected and you should spend your time on more profitable ventures.

~ Cornerstone Information Systems SVP of marketing Alan Minton