Sabre Mum On TRX Rumor

Sabre Holdings is running a "stealth" prelaunch product campaign on Twitter called Red Is Coming, which says nothing about what it is except a "new generation" for Sabre-connected agencies coming "this summer." The company has some ads out along these lines, as well. Red apparently will be revealed as part of Sabre's announcement, due next week, of a global "total travel agency solution." We also assume that if a rumor about Sabre partnering with TRX is true, that agency automation provider is involved. But Sabre didn't confirm that when we asked ...
"We have a long history of partnership with TRX and more formally as a third-party developer in terms of having access to Sabre and our suite of capabilities," said Sabre Travel Network senior vice president Chris Kroeger. "Today we work together as far as TRX products having access and complementing the Sabre portfolio, and we are always looking for ways to enhance our third-party relationships. Nothing beyond that to focus in on. TRX is a good partner and we are always looking for ways to strengthen that partnership across the entire Sabre Holdings portfolio."