Seeing What Employees Say

Back in June I thought was "pretty cool, but not travel." However, the site has managed to build up a decent store of reviews by employees of their own companies--not to mention salary data. You can judge for yourself how valid you think the info is. Looking through the results is, at the very least, a fun ride. Here's what I found:

The top travel industry CEOs as ranked by their own employees (minimum 10 reviews) are: TripAdvisor's Stephen Kaufer, Southwest Airlines' Gary Kelly, Marriott International's Bill Marriott, Continental Airlines' Larry Kellner and JetBlue's Dave Barger.

Those with the lowest approval ratings, starting from worst, include Hertz's Mark Frissora, United Airlines' Glenn Tilton and Rearden Commerce's Patrick Grady.

TripAdvisor is ranked as the top overall employer from any category. Southwest ranked fourth overall, with 16th, Continental 41st, Travelocity 55th and Marriott 100th. The lowest-ranked travel firm is Rearden at fourth-worst overall, followed by United and Hertz.

To see full results, you need to make a post of pros and cons on your employer. Here at, we work too many hours and worry too much about quality. Heheh.