Spending More Time With Family ... No, Seriously

After careful consideration, I am relinquishing my position as editorial director of The BTN Group. Former Business Travel News editor David Meyer will assume that title and executive managing editor Chris Davis will become editor-in-chief. Congratulations to both! It's well deserved.

Kudos also to Jay Boehmer, who has been named executive editor, and to David Jonas, already an executive editor, who will take over my coverage of travel management companies.

As journalists, we often roll our eyes at press releases indicating that So And So is departing to spend more time with their family. But sometimes it's true! After a break in August, I'm planning to move into a freelancer role and continue contributing to The Beat while my wife picks up a career that she put on hold nearly six years ago, when our first child was born.

The BTN Group and The Beat are in the very good hands of leaders who have run BTN for many years. And the staff is awesome, if we do say so.

Feel free to hit me up on LinkedIn. After my August break, I'd love to hear any ideas you may have for articles I can write as a part-timer. If I don't reply right away, I'm probably doing laundry, cleaning or picking up and dropping off at school ... you know, real work.

Questions? Please contact Chris Davis or The BTN Group's VP and group publisher Tim Reid.