Starwood Adds New Jobs At Hotel Level

Starwood Hotels & Resorts today announced that it would add more than 12,000 new jobs in 2010. Though the company slashed 35 percent of its sales team in late 2008, the new jobs won't include corporate sales positions on the national or global level.
The new jobs encompass "a range of positions including general management; human resources; food and beverage; engineering and maintenance; housekeeping; spa and guest services" that will be created through the opening this year of 80 to 100 new hotels around the globe, according to a Starwood statement.

"Today, the travel industry employs 7.7 million Americans--more than double that of the auto industry--and travel is uniquely positioned to create even more jobs as the economy continues to recover," according to a statement attributed to Starwood president and CEO Frits van Paasschen. "After a year of hunkering down and cutting costs, companies are driving their top line again. By definition this means getting back on the road, which not only benefits their own business, but also helps spur job creation."

Already the masses are swamping the hotels with applications. For example, the soon-to-open W Hollywood Hotel & Residences received more than 10,000 applications for its 400 positions; more than 10,000 people applied for 300 positions at the W Washington D.C.; and at the Sheraton Augusta Hotel in Georgia, more than 400 individuals applied for 30 available housekeeping positions, Starwood reported.