TSA Administrator Bids Adieu, Appeals For More Feedback

Outgoing TSA administrator Kip Hawley this week published his final post to the Transportation Security Administration's blog. In it, he requested that the public continue to provide feedback through the online channel. While he acknowledged that some public comments "are painful to read and/or based on something that is factually wrong," Hawley wrote, "We have learned a great deal from those of you who have posted and I am grateful for your engagement with us." [more] He specifically cited "Black Diamond" airport security lanes (which can be self-selected by travelers "based on their travel needs and knowledge"), development of laptop-friendly bags, clearer signage and "better explanations of the 'why' " behind security policy decisions as "examples of actions taken by TSA that were helped by this blog discussion. You've helped us prioritize your pain points and we do, in fact, work to reduce those."

The nascent Obama administration has yet to nominate a new TSA administrator.