TSA Rep: Bodyscanners aka Imaging Units To Boost Security But May Slow Screening

We hosted two panel discussions last week related to traveler safety and security. Please find below some of the highlights of last Thursday's get together:
"RC," our representative from the TSA at DIA had great information about the new body scanner technology, which the TSA is now calling "imaging units." He is concerned the scanners may slow the screening process, but confident the level of security will go up. In addition, the latest machines are being read by computers, not screening personnel in a secluded location. This should offset staffing costs, help with screening times, and alleviate privacy concerns as the new machines are implemented.

We also had a lively discussion related to the inconstancy of the screening process, and why at some airports you are required to hold your boarding pass as you walk through the metal detectors, while at others you are not. According to RC, the TSA is a young organization and they work hard to make it as consistent as possible, but the big rules--take off your shoes, only your one bag of liquids, etc.--are straightforward across the board.

Robert Polk is CEO of Polk Majestic Travel Group in Denver. These insights are excerpted from Robert's weekly newsletter, From the Desk of Robert A. Polk.