Taking Back The Webinar: The Beat Launches Quarterly Webcast

Several years ago, my company started exploring webinars. We had an internal debate about how much influence over content a sponsor should have. I argued "none," insisting that a webinar is no different than other editorial products, be they magazines, newspapers or news websites. They sponsor it but don't know what the content will be. All they know is our general focus, our ethics and our news orientation. Apparently sponsors would not buy on that basis, partly because there were other webinars in the market made possible by sponsors having some sway over topics and speakers. So we created a specialized department to address the webinar market__unrelated to our editorial department.

Today, we're announcing something different. On June 13 at noon NYC time we'll hold the first-ever webcast by The Beat, called The Beat Quarterly, a travel business webcast. I'm grateful to our sponsors, Amadeus and GDSX, for making it happen.

Actually, I'm impressed by them. Like me, they have no clue what we're going to talk about! OK, I exaggerate. Amadeus and GDSX know that at The Beat we focus on corporate travel technology, business travel distribution and related themes. They know that their companies are among those we watch pretty closely, since they provide products in the market. They know that I'm planning to make this a quarterly news review show. But that's about it. Oh, they also know that who we interview and what we talk about on the show is up to my editors and me.

So again, Amadeus and GDSX, thanks for bringing to life an idea that was a long time coming.

Now, as for what we're up to ... oh, right, that depends on the news. Feel free to make suggestions and, of course, register here at no cost.

And thank you!