The Next New Coalition?


Farelogix Contemplates Creating New "Full Transparency" Coalition

Expects Massive Numbers of Members to Flock to the New Coalition

MIAMI - January 7, 2011 - Farelogix, a leading provider of distribution technology and services for the travel industry, today announced its intention to form a new travel industry coalition focused on the Preservation of GDS Profits and High Distribution Costs. A secondary focus will to support lobby efforts to encourage law-makers to pass legislation that restricts innovation, prohibits new entrants, and maintains the status quo for the travel industry. The company is currently interviewing prospective lobbyists and searching for a low-cost office in the DC area.  [more]

According to Farelogix President and CEO Jim Davidson, "We are spending most of our time figuring out what to call this coalition as all the good names containing the words Allies and Axis are already taken. We are leaning towards naming this new coalition the Coalition to Preserve Goodness. Farelogix has remained on the sidelines for long enough. Someone has to step in and help the GDS to preserve the estimated $7,000,000,000 in annual revenues the GDS receive from the airlines in the form of segment and transaction fees."

Special interest and pressure groups including the Interactive Travel Services Association, the Business Travel Coalition, and a number of seemingly "pundits for hire" have apparently been unsuccessful in getting the message out that the GDS may be on the endangered species list and in need of preservation. "I give Sabre credit for not giving up and apparently helping with the formation of yet another newly formed coalition called the Open Allies for Airfare Transparency -- or I should specifically say the newly forming coalition since they only have an AOL email address which happens to be the same contact that manages the media for the Interactive Travel Services Association", stated Davidson. "From our perspective, for the Open Allies for Airfare Transparency to be using the same old people to form an exciting new coalition and expecting different results appears to be a tactical error on the part of the organizers, which is why we have decided to start from scratch with the brand new Coalition to Preserve Goodness."

Farelogix expects to have the Coalition to Preserve Goodness fully operational by mid-February and the coalition staff will be sending out membership guidelines and materials, but in the mean time please feel free to send your contribution (cash being preferred) to the address on our "under construction" web site at Remember half of every dollar contributed will go directly to the profits of the GDS.

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