Travel Management Company RFP

I’ve consulted for few clients on travel agency selection process, and I must tell you …There are many agencies out there who would inflate their claims of how wonderful their agency is. It is really difficult to differentiate true claims to false ones.
For example, if you ever ask this question: "Can you always promise us that you will book trips at the absolute lowest cost possible?” ... if anyone answers “Yes,” they are faking it. The most common and accepted answer that is truthful (of course this will also drive you crazy) is, “It depends.” Because of the pricing models used by the travel industry--no fixed pricing, if there are too many available spaces (air, car, hotel), let’s cut the price to sell more space, but not four days before departure/check-in date, etc.--there are too many hidden questions and answers. If your company does not have a subject matter expert, please hire one to ensure everything is evaluated and all the "fluffs" are exposed!