Travelport's Online Booking Odyssey Continues

Business Travel News quotes Travelport deputy group CEO Gordon Wilson saying Travelport would "announce a partnership with a self-booking tool provider that covers the European, Asian and Australian markets," and "sign a partnership deal with a different booking tool provider in the United States."
Wilson said Traversa was suited for large corporations; "for others, it may be a sledgehammer to crack a nut." He said 250,000 IBM travelers were using the tool in 16 countries, and that Travelport "has started to deploy Traversa in two additional but undisclosed high-spending multinational companies." Our guess? Deloitte and Microsoft.

So Traversa needs partners and opens yet another chapter in the book of Galileo-Worldpsan-Travelport corporate booking tools. Raise your hand if you remember Corporate Travelpoint. Or Marka Jenkins.

Source: Business Travel News