US Airways 'Disclaims' Sabre Characterizations

US Airways and Sabre have come to a multi-year distribution deal. That much they agree on.
But US Airways in a press release Thursday expressed dissent over statements made by the global distribution system provider. The carrier "was not consulted on Sabre's recent press release and disclaims any characterizations by Sabre of US Airways' views of Sabre, Travelocity, or US Airways' relationships with those companies," according the press release. [more]
US Airways did not immediately reply to a request to elaborate, but a look at Sabre's press release could reveal the contentious claims. Here's how Sabre Travel Network president Greg Webb, as quoted in Sabre's press release issued on Tuesday, characterized US Airways' stance: "US Airways recognizes the value of the Sabre global distribution system and our innovative leadership in helping airlines market and sell their products, including ancillaries, to millions of travelers worldwide. Sabre is the world’s most efficient, cost-effective travel marketplace and US Airways joins the many global airlines that understand the GDS is an important source of revenue and revenue growth."
The Sabre press release is here and US Airways' rebuttal is here.