US Airways: Some, Not All Fees To Be Disclosed At Point Of Sale

US Airways executives this week during the carrier's annual media day in Phoenix fielded a question on language in the Senate version of the FAA Reauthorization bill which deals with required fee disclosures.
"We think we have something worked out, where it is not going to be all fees, like pet fees and carrying on golf clubs and all kinds of extraneous things, but that we would make the fees available that an individual passenger who is actually booking the ticket would see, like change fees and others, potentially," said senior vice president of government affairs C.A. Howlett. "So there will be something in there but not putting every fee out there constantly for every browser that goes through it."

Added CEO Doug Parker: "Somehow this all got labelled as hidden fees. If we are hiding these, we are doing a terrible job. We are not trying to hide anything. To the contrary, we are very open about it. We don't want to have legislation that doesn't make sense and creates an environment that says, 'If you want to do all these things that you don't want to do, here are all the fees we have.' That will clog up web pages and create a lot of expense and slow down processing time."