United To Respond To Congress 'Directly'

United wasn't able to comment in time for this week's articles in The Beat about members of Congress writing the airline to request a delay in its new payment policies for 28 travel agencies. I had asked what, if anything, United would do in response to the letters. A spokeswoman got back to me late yesterday by email. Here's the response ...  [more]

In summary, this change was to a very small number of travel agencies (as you've reported) to manage their performance by using an economics-based program that will create value for both of us.

Travel agents that closely align and partner with us receive distinguished benefits for doing so and we have long differentiated what costs are paid by travel agents the same way that we differentiate the incentives we provide.

Back to the letter and what, if anything, we are doing: We are reviewing it and will respond to the members directly. Discussions about how we manage agency performance whether it be through differentiating costs that are paid by travel agents or incentives that we provide are
between us and these few agents directly.