Upping Travel Costs To Improve Competitiveness

We have heard it a million times. Organizations that are willing to pay a little extra can ensure that their travelers arrive at their destinations refreshed and ready to conduct business. Others risk losing out by having tired, frustrated and generally irritated employees. They won't be at the top of their game, and their competition will have the advantage. Executives for the San Francisco Giants have examined this delicate balance and decided that extra travel expenses are worth the attempt at winning more games. [more]
According to, the team has decided to leave a day earlier than usual when embarking on road trips. "It's just to change things up and see if we can come up with a better record the first day we play on a road trip," said manager Bruce Bochy. Thus far this season, the Giants are 0-6 in such games.

According to, the team's "finance department signed off on the added expense of hotel rooms, meal money, etc."

"Yeah, it is a significant amount," Bochy said. "Fortunately, the club is allowing us to do this. Hopefully it gets 'em settled in and acclimated to the city we're going to, especially when you go to the East Coast."